Welcome to Krampf.com

Some of my earliest memories are of stories. Mimi told us stories of growing up "in the country". Mama told us stories about her childhood, Papa told us stories about the Bell Witch, and if there were several of us around, the stories got richer, because one memory would trigger three more from someone else.

We no longer have the opportunity to get together for a fish fry in Mimi's yard or for a picnic at Riverside Park. We are scattered around the country and seldom all get together face to face. It is my hope that this website will allow us to share some memories, and that each story will spark more memories. Some day I would like to consolidate all these memories into some sort of collective "story", but for now I would just like to make sure the memories aren't lost.

This is a work in progress. I have this fuzzy vision of what the end product might look like, but I think the real value may be in the process rather than in the final product!

Warning: Rob is teaching me how to set up a website, and is showing me all kinds of fun things to do. If the appearance of the site suddenly changes, it is because I am playing with it. The content will not disappear, and Rob promises me it will be backed up in case I do something to make it all go away!