Shirley Farmer Krampf

Shirley and Billy with fish

This was also taken in front of Big Doc's house on the Jones farm. Apparently the style was to roll your pantlegs up when you fished there! I'm not sure why they look so serious.The can sitting on the bench is a kerosene jug with a funnel on top. One of the stoves in the kitchen was a kerosene stove. They had a wood stove first, and then someone gave them the kerosene one.

The House on Mississippi Avenue

This is a picture of the front of the house on Mississippi Avenue. Robert and Lizzie Jim Farmer lived here (need dates) along with Shirley. At various times, Robert's brother Charlie lived there, and so did Hub and Alma Sanders and their son, Billy. The tall boy in the picture is Leslie Phillips. The smaller boy is Glen Gowdy. When I asked Mama (Shirley) about this picture, this is what she told me.

Shopping Downtown

When Mama (Shirley) was a little girl, Mimi and Papa would take her downtown to go shopping. This picture was taken by a street photographer. We are not sure how they received the picture but the usual process was to hand out a card with a photo number on it. You would then either mail some money to the photographer and the picture would be mailed back, or you would go to the studio later in the week to pick out your photos.

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