Robert Farmer

Grace, Grandma, Shirley at Jones House

I don't know who the 4th person is in this photo.

Fishing in shorts

This is a picture of Papa (Robert Farmer) with some fish. He is in style with his rolled up shorts.

Papa with some fish

It's hard to see his face, but this is Papa, in his back yard on Leland Street.

Fishing in the Country

Left to right - Robert Farmer, Jim Sanders, Arch Anderson, Hub (Hershell) Sanders, unknown
Front - Dats (Carlene Anderson Hill)
This picture was taken at the pond on the Jones farm. It is possible that this was taken the same day as the picture of Mimi and Grace holding a mess of fish. (See "Fancy Fishing Clothes")

Slightly restored version

Big Doc and Papa

This picture was taken in front of the garage at Grandma and Papa's house on Leland Street. Big Doc (Jim Sanders) and Papa (Robert Farmer) are holding a bunch of fish. Big Doc is also holding Rob. I don't know what kind of fish, but I'm guessing crappie, because that's what I remember Papa fishing for.

Robert Farmer as a boy

This is a picture of Papa (Robert Farmer) as a boy. He and his family lived in more than one place, but always around Adams, TN. At one point they lived across the street from the farm known for the Bell Witch. I'm not sure where this was taken, although it looks like a photographer's backdrop behind him. He is younger here than in the school picture I posted. skb

Glenraven School

When my grandfather, Robert Farmer, was a boy, he and his family lived on the Glenraven Plantation outside Adams, TN. (add info here about the plantation - I have directions to get there, but I have to find them). We found this picture in a box - the back says schoolmates at Glenraven. Glenraven was a tobacco plantation. It was large enough to have its own school and general store.

Shopping Downtown

When Mama (Shirley) was a little girl, Mimi and Papa would take her downtown to go shopping. This picture was taken by a street photographer. We are not sure how they received the picture but the usual process was to hand out a card with a photo number on it. You would then either mail some money to the photographer and the picture would be mailed back, or you would go to the studio later in the week to pick out your photos.

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