Lizzie Jim Sanders Farmer

Fancy Fishing Clothes

This was taken at the pond on the Jones farm in Hickman County. I'm not sure who caught these fish, but Mimi (in the front) and Aunt Grace (in the back) are holding them. These are awfully fancy clothes to be holding up a mess of fish, but they probably came down from Nashville for the weekend. The small child is Dats (Carlene Anderson Hill).

Second Grade in 1912

Several years ago, my second graders wrote letters to my grandmother, Lizzie Jim Sanders Farmer. She and my mother, Shirley Farmer Krampf, wrote this as a reply.


I was in second grade a very long time ago. It was 1912. Many of the things that you have at home and at school had not been invented yet. A hundred years from now, people will wonder how you were able to live without some on the things that will be invented between now and then. Since they have not been invented, we don’t even know what they will be.

Shopping Downtown

When Mama (Shirley) was a little girl, Mimi and Papa would take her downtown to go shopping. This picture was taken by a street photographer. We are not sure how they received the picture but the usual process was to hand out a card with a photo number on it. You would then either mail some money to the photographer and the picture would be mailed back, or you would go to the studio later in the week to pick out your photos.

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