John Krampf Sr.

Grandpa Krampf and Daddy with fish

One more fish picture, this one an old color slide that Rob photographed several years ago. This appears to have been taken in Grandma and Papa's back yard on Leland Street. Not sure of the year.

Grandpa Krampf, Portrait

I'm not sure about the story behind this picture. It appears to have been taken about the same time as the little strip pictures (age 19).

Grandpa Krampf, Age 19 #2

The writing on the back of these pictures says "Grandpa Krampf, Age 19" It appears to be Mama's handwriting, probably told to her by Daddy, since it's a picture of his father. These appear to be pictures taken in an old fashioned photo booth. At one time, I thought these might have been taken at the St. Louis World's Fair, but that took place in 1904 I think, which would be too early for these pictures. There is another picture, labeled Worlds Fair, that I believe is Grandpa Krampf - the age would be about right. I will post it when I find it.

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