John E Krampf

Grandpa Krampf and Daddy with fish

One more fish picture, this one an old color slide that Rob photographed several years ago. This appears to have been taken in Grandma and Papa's back yard on Leland Street. Not sure of the year.

John Krampf & Son, Coal and Ice

This is a photo of my Grandfather (Grandpa Krampf) and Great Grandfather. They delivered ice and coal to people's homes. The ice was put into an ice box, because people did not have refrigerators in their homes. The photo was taken in St. Louis, Missouri, around 1912. According to my research, at this time, they were using a mechanical freezer and also cutting and storing natural ice.

Daddy and Grampa Krampf with catfish

This is the only old fishing photo I could find. It is my dad (John E. Krampf, jr) and his dad (Grampa Krampf). Mama says this was taken on the farm where they lived, and she's pretty sure the fish was caught out of the Mississippi River.

Aunt Bernice

This is a video clip of my Dad (John E Krampf, jr, telling about his sister Bernice (seen in the photo.) You can hear my grandmother (Elizabeth Farmer) and Ted Brechbill in the background.

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