Jim Sanders

Big Doc and Fish

Big Doc loved to fish, and I love this picture with his pants rolled up to his knees!

Big Doc with fish

This is a picture of Big Doc with a mess of fish. It was taken at Big Doc's house on the Jones Farm. The vine is a morning glory vine. There's another picture with Charlie Farmer (Papa's brother), which seems to have been taken at the same time.

Fishing in the Country

Left to right - Robert Farmer, Jim Sanders, Arch Anderson, Hub (Hershell) Sanders, unknown
Front - Dats (Carlene Anderson Hill)
This picture was taken at the pond on the Jones farm. It is possible that this was taken the same day as the picture of Mimi and Grace holding a mess of fish. (See "Fancy Fishing Clothes")

Slightly restored version

Big Doc and Papa

This picture was taken in front of the garage at Grandma and Papa's house on Leland Street. Big Doc (Jim Sanders) and Papa (Robert Farmer) are holding a bunch of fish. Big Doc is also holding Rob. I don't know what kind of fish, but I'm guessing crappie, because that's what I remember Papa fishing for.

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