Grandpa Krampf and Daddy with fish

One more fish picture, this one an old color slide that Rob photographed several years ago. This appears to have been taken in Grandma and Papa's back yard on Leland Street. Not sure of the year.

Is that a fish?

This is a picture of Gary. Not sure where it was taken - Grandma obviously cut it out before adding it to one of her Grandma Books. Also not sure if this is a fish Gary caught or if it's bait! (Sorry, Gary!)

Fishing in shorts

This is a picture of Papa (Robert Farmer) with some fish. He is in style with his rolled up shorts.

Shirley and Billy with fish

This was also taken in front of Big Doc's house on the Jones farm. Apparently the style was to roll your pantlegs up when you fished there! I'm not sure why they look so serious.The can sitting on the bench is a kerosene jug with a funnel on top. One of the stoves in the kitchen was a kerosene stove. They had a wood stove first, and then someone gave them the kerosene one.

Big Doc and Fish

Big Doc loved to fish, and I love this picture with his pants rolled up to his knees!

Ted and Casey with a fish

This is a picture of Ted and Casey, with a yellow-eyed rock cod that Ted caught in a fishing derby in Sitka, AK. This fish won him a fishing pole. This would have been in the summer of 1982. We lived on base at the Coast Guard Air Station at that time.

Papa with some fish

It's hard to see his face, but this is Papa, in his back yard on Leland Street.

Another picture of Charlie with fish

Another picture of Charlie. This was taken on the Jones Farm. The bench sat in Mammy and Big Doc's yard. No one knows what happened to it.

Gary and Lu with fish

This is Gary with Lu Ann Loftiss. Gary says this was taken at Bucksnort Trout Ranch. We are not sure why Lu Ann was with him, but he thinks we had gone to Opryland, and stopped at Bucksnort on the way home the next day.

Charlie with fish

This is a picture of Charlie Farmer (Papa's brother). There is another picture of Big Doc (Jim Sanders) which seems to have been taken on the same day. It was taken at Mammy and Big Doc's house on the Jones Farm. The vine on the side of the house is a morning glory vine.


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