Glenraven School


When my grandfather, Robert Farmer, was a boy, he and his family lived on the Glenraven Plantation outside Adams, TN. (add info here about the plantation - I have directions to get there, but I have to find them). We found this picture in a box - the back says schoolmates at Glenraven. Glenraven was a tobacco plantation. It was large enough to have its own school and general store.

Papa is the tall boy with dark hair, third from the right on the back row. It is possible that the blonde young man to the left of Papa is Charlie Farmer, but I can't prove that. The girl standing between them has the same eyes as Papa, so it could be one of their sisters.

Where was this?: 
Glenraven School, near Adams, TN
When was this?: 
Between 1910 and 1920

Who is in this story?: