Irene Totty Sanders Evans



This is Irene Totty Sanders. It was taken on McMillan Street in Memphis where Grace, Arch, and Carlene Anderson lived.

Irene married Ruffie Sanders, and they soon moved to Memphis. World War II began, and Ruffie (who we called Boone) enlisted in the Air Force. Near the end of his enlistment, he was stationed in Idaho. He became sick, and they first thought he had pneumonia, but realized it was something else, and sent him to a hospital in San Francisco - Letterman General Hospital. They soon realized that it was leukemia, and he would not live long. His wife, Irene, and his sister, Grace, went there to be with him. He wanted to see his baby, Ronnie, before he died, so the Air Force sent a plane for Ronnie, and Irene's sister Vera. They let me (Shirley) get on the plane with him for a few minutes, so he would not cry.
Boon died soon after Ronnie got there.

The Air Force put Boon's body in a casket with a glass cover sealed on it, so the family could see him at the funeral. He came back to Memphis on a train, and a hearse took his body back to Hickman County, Tennessee, with all the Memphis relatives following it. He is buried in Tottys Bend Church of Christ Cemetery.