Ma and Pa Coleman


In this picture, left to right - Ewell Coleman (Mammy's brother), Hershel Hub Sanders (baby), Lizzie Coleman Sanders (Mammy), Lizzie Jim Sanders Farmer (young girl), Rufus C. Coleman, Mattie Totty Coleman, Grace Sanders Anderson (young girl), Dewey Keys (son of Louella Coleman Keys, Aunt Lou, who was Mammy's sister). I don't know the name of the cow behind the bush.

Rufus C. and Mattie Totty Coleman were the parents of Lizzie Coleman Sanders (Mammy, my great-grandmother). I don't know much about their backgrounds, but they lived in a house in Little Lot, TN when Mammy was born. At some point, they swapped that property for this property on Mill Creek, near where the Little Rock Church of Christ building stands now. To get to the house, you had to park on the road and walk across Mill Creek on a footbridge to the house on the other side. Mill Creek wasn't very deep, but the water was black with creosote from a mill at Wrigley. (I don't know what they made there, but it was only in recent years -1980s? - that it has been cleaned up.)

This house started out to be very small and then they added on to it. Mimi used to tell a story about a room in the house. She said they kept a "crazy man" in it (I don't know who it was or if he was related to us.) You could go up the stairs and look through a hole between the floor of the attic and that room and see the man. He couldn't get out of the room, but they would take him down in the creek about once a week and give him a bath with a broom. Mama (Shirley) can remember going to the house and looking in the room, but by that time, the man was no longer there. Mimi also said that Pa Coleman used to sit on the porch for hours, just twiddling his thumbs.

The story of Aunt Lou is dreadfully sad, and I will try to write what I remember of it in a separate story.

If you are researching this line on Ancestry you need to know that there was another Rufus Coleman who lived in the same area. He married a woman named Elizabeth Hoover. If you trace back several generations there is a connection, but several Ancestry trees have that Rufus Coleman married to Mattie Totty instead of our Rufus.

from the website - Wrigley Charcoal Plant

The Wrigley Charcoal Plant Superfund site is located near the town of Wrigley, Tennessee. The 330-acre site includes several properties. From 1881 to 1966, a 35-acre area of the site supported industrial activities, including iron, charcoal and wood manufacturing. The manufacturers disposed of waste water in nearby fields, ponds and Mill Creek until the mid-1940s. In 1978, the Pinewood Manufacturing Company, now known as R.T. Rivers, leased the site. The company collected and recycled scrap metals on site, but general mishandling created additional contamination of on-site soils. In 1985 and 1986, the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) and EPA inspected the site and found contamination in debris, ground water and soil. In 1988, EPA stabilized a tar-filled pond to prevent direct release into Mill Creek. EPA added the site to the National Priorities List (NPL) in March 1989. Cleanup activities included digging up waste pits and treating the contaminated soils around the properties. In addition, EPA connected at-risk residents to the municipal water supply and restricted ground water use. Currently, Industrial Plastics Recycling operates a metal and plastics recycling facility on the southern portion of the main manufacturing site.

Here is a restored version of that photo. It is a little over sharpened, to bring out detail, but a little Photoshop does help.

Where was this?: 
On Mill Creek, near Little Rock Church of Christ, Hickman County, TN
When was this?: 
Late 1911 or early 1912 - Hub was born in March of 1911

Who is in this story?:


Notice the cow behind the bush.